Team — Team Swati

  • Ms. Anahita Basu Roy
  • Business & Brand Manager.
  • Having completed her Mass Communication in Media & Entertainment, She is also a content writer for media and entertainment. She handles the and her work from pin to a piano.


  • Mr. Ashwani 
  • Public Relationship Manager.
  • Having been in the entertainment business for over 8 years, He handles the complete P.R of a lot of movies from conception to execution.


       Mr. Girish Jain

  • Personal Secretary.
  • He takes care of Ms.Swati Personal Requirements and offers immense support for day to day coordination and activities.


  • Miss. Chetna Shivkumar 
  • Content Creator.
  • She is a young talent girl who is creating contents for our social media platforms. Apart from content writing Miss. chetna is a cousin sister of Miss.Swati Aggarwal.


      . Priyanka Sharma :-

        Makeup & Hair Artiste. 


     . Lallan Tiwari 

       Personal Caretaker. 


     . Riddhi Singh 

       Styling & Arranger.




Web Masters —

description abt Web Team


Any Actor may feel incomplete without a superb Web Master Team which brings out the best designing support for any kind of social media or website designing mastermind. Ms.Swati is having one such awesome web support team in form of TRICKY SOLUTION headed by Mr.Rohit Pal.

Social Media handled by Shubham Sharma & Kashif Hasmi.