Born on May 7th 1988.The day called Swati Nakshatra .Swati Nakshatra is one of the twenty seven Nakshatras according to Hindu astrology beliefs.. This Nakshatra is symbol of creativity, art and freedom. So her dad decided to give her a name which is related to the Nakshatra and there she was named “SWATI”. He ended up thinking with this name ‘’SWATI’’. She was born just few days after Akshaya Tritiya.So, it was probably predestined that, she would worship creativity and dedicates her life to art
She loves dreaming ,because she believes, If we don’t dream we can’t reach the goal , Her life is all about humming the tunes of love, write about life and realize how beautiful life is.
She is a little crazy too and very possessive about all my belongings and her dear ones .She sometimes struggles to express her true emotions to everyone because she gets comfortable only with people who love her selflessly. She maintains distance with strangers and gets pally with them only after having known them for very long time. People, who know her well, describe her as an easy going, friendly, helpful, excited, adventurous kind of a person. She gets dishearten with rude and emotionless people. She isn’t dominant but comes across as arrogant sometimes with people who she doesn’t know personally. She respects her own vision and opinions upon any matter and doesn’t fear to express it.She is very well organized in her day to day life and keeps her staff and team members on their run all the time.
She doesn’t like receiving any bad news which creates unpleasantness for and her loved ones. She keeps her loved ones very close to her heart and would not like to lose them at any cost. Being a private person and being very choosy in making friends she loves to express herself by penning down her thoughts in articulated expressive write-ups, hence she is now actively blogging.
She is basically born and brought in Kolkata, India. The city of joy, music, poetry, books, and paintings. Her roots are nourished with all senses of art. She now she lives in Mumbai, India for over 5 years and more, which is also considered as city of dreams, art and culture resides in every heart here. The waves of water touch the shore of the beaches making beautiful tunes. The beautiful paparazzi filled evenings here give a feeling of celebration in every corner of the city and above everything thing she loves the people here who have been immense support to her from her journey from initial days till date. Mumbai has made the rock solid woman from outside and full of emotions from the inside, this awesome combination has taught Swati to be a survivor in respects. No one can dare break her or her loved ones in any way!
She enjoys every moment of her life to the fullest.
When she was fourteen she was majorly drawn towards acting at her school Program .When She was in college her mom inspired her to join theater. Her mother personally started giving her training and encouraged her a lot. When you are a kid and you find that you are good at something, you cling on to it. At the age of 19 is when Swati finally realized she wanted to take up acting professionally and came to Mumbai. Acting became is her life. Probably when you look back one can say she was born to be an actor.
Life has given her lots of love and took a lot from her. It throws new challenges on in her court and she happily faces them as a brave soul. She wants to make her life special in such a way that she doesn’t regret when she looks back.
She thanks every woman in her who has made her journey special. Hearty thanks to her Mom , her Aunts , her Sisters , her Friends , her Teachers , her Mentors and warm thanks to her Manager who stood by her at every step.