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Here is a interesting recepie for you guys

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Whiskey Lemonade :

1/4 cup of organic honey

1/2 of water

Some stems of your favorite herb as per your choice [ I’m using lemon zest ]

1/4 cup of Lemonade syrup

1 shot of whiskey as per your choice [ I’m using single malt ]

1/4 cup of soda [ instead of Soda I’m using sparkling water ]

Fresh lemon slices to garnish the recepie

And some ice cubes

How to prepare :

Take a small pan and pour water and honey in it to boil, once it starting reduced add some herbs and cook it for atleast for 7 to 10 minutes.., once it starting reduced by half let cool. .

Take a mason jar and fill it with some ice cubes add the shot of whiskey and mix it with lemonade syrup and sparkling water and mix the half spoon of the herb syrup and mix it well. . Add some lemon pieces in it for garnishing..

Your Whiskey Lemonade is ready !!




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